Modular Kitchen In Bhopal

How We work

Plan Your New Kitchen

It starts with precise measurements. Start by measuring walls, doors, corner to corner distances of walls, position of doors, window, ceiling height, electrical outlet position. Also note where you would like to be the new ones. Note position of the drain and water supply. Attach pics of the area from all angles depicting maximum details.

List out your requirements-

Now prepare a list of all what you need or may need in future like appliances, fridge, gas hob, location of sink, placement of fridge, water purifier, mixer juicer, microwave, type of sink and its placement, kitchen worktop, etc.

And mail all this data to us on or

OR call for free designers visit, no obligations Call us on 0755 2555528 or 9425008433 for our representative to visit and free consultation and design. Our team of experienced designers will take the task, and will work with you to find an aesthetic and functional solution.

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