Modular Kitchen In Bhopal

Modular Kitchens

The range of carcass to front panels, translates into personalized Modular Kitchens.

Carcass are available in...

Stainless steel, Bakelite covered, Marine ply with laminated surface, Prelaminated MDF DAVENPORT is the pioneer brand used SS carcass. It is the best option available being termite, borer, rust, moisture free and easy to clean surfaces. Other options for carcass depend upon site conditions and specific requirements.

All above shutters are manufactured on precision computerized machines A wide range of colors are available. Superior quality imported fitting and hardware are used to join and erect the furniture.

You can choose out of available structure, surface finish, shutter material, hardware, design to create your dream kitchen.

Stainless Steel

Marine Ply

Prelaminated MDF

For front shutters available options are-

Higloss Polycryl shutters gives them stunning finish and seamless top surface, refinish able. Higloss UV shutters, Membrane shutter, Higloss Membrane, Wood finish shutters and Post formed shutters.

Higloss Polycryl Shutters

Higloss UV Shutters

Higloss Membrane Shutter

Corner Unit

Channel Of Drawer

Blower System

I Kitchen

Truly Intelligent and stylish.

DAVENPORT has created a new dimension in the field of modular kitchens. The new and exclusive I kitchen is equipped with hot blowers, microwave, refrigerator, dryers, sensor on all doors and soft closing drawers with built in lights. This package can be included with wall finishes in a stunning style, which makes it above all.

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